Brent Colclough
President & Designer
Woodworking runs in the family and Brent has been involved with it since the age of 8! While still in his teens, he ran the night shift at Colclo and gained experience in all aspects of finishing. He also spent three summers framing, drawing and permitting custom homes and additions. Brent graduated from a three-year Architectural Technology course at George Brown College of Applied Arts and Technology. He then worked as an Autocad operator for Parkin Architects Ltd.

Brent has been a Partner in Colclo Custom Woodworking since 1991 and the President since 2003. He has extensive hands-on experience in all aspects of the business including design, building, finishing and installation. He implemented Autocad in 1993 for all of the Colclo designs and made it an essential tool in the production of fine custom work. He has a true passion for design in his heart. His constant quest for project perfection translates into the company's vision.

He has been on the George Brown College Architectural Advisory Board; and, the Markham District High School Co-Op Board. He was featured in Active Magazine (2007), Reno & Decor Magazine (2009), Builder & Architect Magazine (2010) and Golf Almanac (2014).

Mike Curley
Senior Cabinet Maker & Manager
Mike took a 2 year Woodworking Technology course at Conestoga College. He then came to Colclo for 2 years as part of the Conestoga Co-Op Program. He joined Colclo as an employee in 2000 and has worked in all aspects of cabinet making. He is the head of the Cutting, Edge-Banding and Cabinetry Dept.

Clint Moxley
Senior Cabinet Maker & Manager
Clint graduated with honours from a 3 year Woodworking Technology at Conestoga College. He then spent three years with Colclo as part of the Conestoga College Co-Op Program. He has worked for Colclo in all aspects of cabinetry since 2001. Clint has been the head of the Installation Team since 2004. He has been the head of the Finishing department since 2010.
Luke Burlatschenko
Cabinet Maker/ Finisher
Luke graduated from a Woodworking Technology course at Georgian College. He has worked for us in all aspect of cabinetry since 2010. He has worked primarily in the Finishing Dept. since 2011.

Brad Moxley
Cabinet Maker
Brad has worked for us since 2010 and has been involved with all aspects of cabinetry.

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